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You wish to sell your property?

REMAX professionals, leaders in real estate transactions worldwide, accompany you like no one else!

Our goal is yours: to sell at the best price, as quickly as possible, avoiding the pitfalls that sometimes litter the path. For this, we will guide you through the stages of a sales process that has made REMAX successful for nearly 50 years:

1) An evaluation at the right price

We live in a world where information is abundant. Buyers quickly acquire a knowledge of the market that surpasses that which sellers may have. In terms of evaluating the selling price, the classic mistakes are as follows:

  • Sellers set their price target based on the amount they need to carry out their future project(s)
  • Often, they do not compare their property to other similar properties for sale in the area concerned
  • Not having access to the information that a REMAX real estate agent has, they only know the displayed selling prices, and do not know the real price per square meter in their neighborhood or locality, yet sometimes, the gaps between the displayed prices and the prices of transactions made is more than 50%!

Our agents are trained to follow a proven method, based on a few infallible principles:

  • To sell, you have to be at the market price (no one will fill up at a gas station where fuel is 25% more expensive than elsewhere, whatever the communication efforts the gas station manager could make). To determine the right price, we will first determine the price per square meter based on recent transactions made on comparable properties, in your neighborhood, including in your building if possible.
  • We will adjust the price per square meter to take into account the characteristics specific to your property, such as the floor for example, where a discount applies to ground floor apartments, while a premium applies from the 5th floor. Corrections also apply depending on energy performance, or even the square meters of balconies or loggia, the potential view, orientation, or even the history of the property if there is one.

2) Advice to maximize the selling price

You know, in life you only have one chance to make a good first impression. This is also true for your apartment or house: the first impression potential buyers will have is crucial. You often hear about the famous “love at first sight”: we see it every day: buyers fall in love, or not, in a few seconds. Without love at first sight, generally the sale does not materialize.

With a few easy-to-follow tips, we’ll show you how to make your property more attractive, not only to maximize the selling price, but also and above all to shorten the sales period: apartments and houses that are well presented and offered at the right price sell in a few days, while others remain on the market for months, even years.

Let yourself be guided by a REMAX consultant, and you will have the privilege of a successful sale quickly!

3) Effective communication

REMAX in Europe is a sale every 4 minutes. There are many reasons for this success: continuous training, selection of the best agents in each market, and marketing power. On this subject, once the mandate is signed, we will publish advertisements for your property on multiple paper and digital media, among which:

  • remax.fr
  • seloger.com
  • logic-immo.com
  • immo.nicematin.com
  • leboncoin.fr
  • bienici.com
  • fnaim.fr

not to mention social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on which we post photos and videos of the properties we market.

The REMAX network has developed internationally since 1973 (the European headquarters is in Vienna, Austria), and we now have nearly 144,000 agents in more than 8,000 agencies. Any published announcement is transcribed into 44 languages. Given the attraction of our Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region for buyers from all over the world, this gives you an undeniable advantage.

The effectiveness of communication also depends on the quality of the visuals: a classic advertisement is no longer sufficient: most readers “drop out” after 8 seconds and only retain 28% of the words they have read, while the average reading time for videos on the internet is 2.7 minutes. Our agents are trained and have the latest technologies to create captivating videos to highlight your property and increase your chances of success.

For properties over one million euros in exclusive mandate, we offer photography and virtual tour creation, carried out by a professional.

4) A well-constituted file from the start

When signing the mandate, we ask our clients to provide us with a complete file, and we systematically hear that we are the first to ask for so many documents: title deed, up-to-date mandatory diagnostics, AGM minutes, etc. Since these documents will be necessary for the drafting of the sales agreement, there is no point in waiting to gather them. Indeed, your interest will be to be able to sign the sales agreement as quickly as possible after having accepted the offer of the buyers who have fallen in love with your property.

A good constitution of the sales file from the start is a guarantee of success. Reading the title deed and diagnostics also allows us to discover the essential information to communicate to buyers, so that no surprise comes to jeopardize the transaction.

5) Potential buyers selected

No one has time to waste on unnecessary visits: neither you, nor the buyers, nor our agents. That’s why we take the time to understand our buyer-clients’ acquisition project well, and we advise them to determine their available budget: there’s no point in receiving an offer and then discovering that the buyer cannot obtain his financing. Thanks to our partnerships with financing brokers, we are able to validate the financing before scheduling visits: it’s a time saver, and it guarantees everyone’s peace of mind!

6) What type of mandate to sign to maximize your chances of success?

There are several types of mandates:

  • The simple mandate, which allows you to engage several agents, while reserving the possibility to sell yourself
  • The semi-exclusive mandate: you trust an agent who has the exclusivity of the sale of your property, while keeping the possibility to find a buyer yourself
  • The co-exclusive mandate: 2, sometimes 3 agents, share the exclusivity of the sale of your property, and agree on a fee sharing in case of sale by one of them
  • The exclusive mandate: only one agent is mandated and if you were to find a buyer yourself, you will be required to indicate to him to deal with your agent, who will retain his right to remuneration

In all cases, to put your property up for sale, you will have to sign a mandate in accordance with the provisions of the Hoguet Law (Law No. 70-9 of January 2, 1970) and its implementing decree (Decree No. 72-678 of July 20, 1972).

What is your interest?

Opinions differ on the question, often because of a very understandable fear of being tied by a too restrictive contract, with an agent who does not give satisfaction. Our advice is to sign an exclusive mandate, provided that the agent is well chosen: exclusivity guarantees the agent that he will be duly rewarded for the investments he will make to promote your property. In any case, after 3 months, you will be able to terminate the mandate, or its exclusive character, by simple registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (notice of 15 days, according to article 78, 2nd paragraph, of decree n° 72-678 of July 20, 1972).

Member of the MLS network in the Alpes Maritimes, and of the AMEPI network in the Var, we share all our exclusive mandates with all the agents members of these networks. Thus, if you sign an exclusive mandate with us for a property to sell in the 06, it will be marketable by all the agents of the MLS, i.e. more than 2200 agents. This is an incomparable striking force, which you would be deprived of if you sign a simple mandate.

The simple mandate is not only little motivating for the agents who, given their low chance of making the sale, invest little, it is also a source of confusion for the buyers, who find the same property on several sites at different prices: this often comes from the fact that the seller has fixed the net seller price he wishes to obtain, each agency then adding its commission according to its fee grid. This does not look serious and discourages buyers from continuing with the property in question because they have the impression that the price is not set objectively.

You have understood, we recommend the exclusive mandate: it motivates your agent, who will “put the package” to prove worthy of your trust, and it creates a partnership that will favor the sharing of precious advice that will make you a happy seller!

As for choosing a good agent, we invite you to take note of the comments posted by our clients, collected by Opinion System, an independent survey organization specializing in customer reviews, which guarantees reliable and authentic reviews (triple certification ISO 9001, ISO 20252 and NF522).

The very first step, finally, is to call us! We’ll take care of the rest!

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